How a Good Trail Camera Can Improve Your Hunting Success

Over the last two decades, no other piece of hunting technology seems to have evolved as much as the trail camera. Advanced technology has led to the development of models that are more compact, discreet, boast higher resolution, and longer battery life

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Determining Holdover Value with Your Rangefinder

So, you have your rifle zeroed in at 100 yards, and on the range, you can consistently group bullets near or in the bull’s-eye. But now you’re hunting, and that deer is standing out there well over 100 yards, maybe twice that far, maybe even more, so where do you aim? How do you calculate hold-over?

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A Breakdown of the Relationship Between Rifle Scope Magnification Vs. Distance

Camping and roadtrips are a Canadian rite of passage — and being prepared will help make it the most enjoyable experience possible. 

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The Benefits of Binocular Lens Coatings and Binocular Lenses Explained

More time spent at home means time to seize the everyday and rediscover the joys of your own space. Canadian Tire and Yahoo Canada are proud to help Canadians get there. We’re bringing you everything you need for the season, from at-home camping essentials to the coolest backyard must-haves.

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