Summer 2021

How to Throw a Curveball 

Take your pitching game to a new level by learning how to throw a curve ball. A curve ball is thrown with a forceful downward spin, so it drops as it is thrown towards the plate. Throwing a curveball is essential to reaching your goal of throwing a no-hitter.


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Step 1: Master your Grip 

The better control you have over your ball, the more you will be able to control it. The key to throwing a perfect curveball it to have topspin, so the laces on the ball create wind resistance resulting in the ball loosing altitude.

 With your thumb underneath and your index and middle fingers held together, grip the ball where the seams have the widest distance apart from each other. Hold the ball as tight as you can, especially with your middle finger, but do not let the ball touch your palm.

Step 2: Keep your curveball a secret

A key trait of pitching is never letting the batter see your pitch. Hide your grip away from your opponent with your glove for as long as possible before throwing the ball.

Step 3: Wind up

Wind up as you normally would for a pitch but focus closely on the angle of your hand. If you are left-handed, your palm should be facing third base as the ball goes over your hand. If you are right-handed, your hand should be facing first-base. 

Step 4: Snap your wrist

As you throw your curveball, keep your wrist rotated toward your body until you release the ball. Then, turn your wrist and snap it down fully. Keep rehearsing this movement until you find the perfect release point for you. 

Step 5: Follow through

After you throw your curveball, the back of your hand should face the batter as you allow your throwing arm to swing across your body.