September 2021

How to Tape your Hockey Stick

Taping your Hockey stick will give you better control of the puck and help protect your hockey stick’s lifespan. Check out our tips below on How to tape your stick like a pro. 

Step 1: Create a knob

Starting at the very top of your stick, wind hockey tape around the end until a knob is created. This will help create a bump, so your hand does not slide off. 

Step 2: Tape the top of the stick

To give you the best control of your stick, wrap the hockey tape approximately four to six inches down the shaft of your stick, overlapping the tape roughly halfway each time for an increased grip.

Step 3: Tape the blade of the stick

Flip your stick around to its blade and begin taping either heel to toe or toe to heel, whichever you prefer. Overlap the tape consistently like the top of the stick, again about halfway.

Step 4: Rip the tape 

Once you have finished taping the blade, rip the tape off the top rather than the bottom. This will prevent tape flapping on the ice in case the tape gets went and loses its adhesive properties. 

Step 5: Smooth the tape

 Using a puck or the side of the tape, smooth down the blade tape completely to make sure the adhesive is firmly stuck to the stick.