September 2021

How to Properly Put on Protective Hockey Gear

Getting geared up to play hockey is vital to playing well and staying safe. Getting dressed up to play and perform is easier than you think – check out the tips from our experts to get properly dressed for your time out on the ice.


Jock or Jill: Strong, protective hockey gear helps to increase your comfort and mobility out on the ice and reduce your chance of injury. Start with jill or jock shorts, which fit based on waist size. 

Shin Pads: You can put on your shin pads next. Your shin pads should cover your kneecap to fit just above your ankle. There should not be any gap between the bottom of your shin pad and the top of your skate. Make sure you pull your hockey socks over your shin guards. 

Hockey Pants: Your hockey pants can be pulled on over your shin pads. You can find your hockey pant size based on your waist size, and how they fit when you are standing. When standing, your hockey pants should fit around halfway down your kneecap, overlapping your shin guards. Make sure your tailbone guard is centered to protect your backside!

Shoulder Pads: You can now start putting on your upper body equipment starting with your shoulder pads. The cap of your shoulder pad should sit comfortably on the middle of your shoulder joint and shouldn’t get in the way of your mobility or ride up. You can find your perfect fight based on your shirt size for reference. 

Elbow Pads: Your elbow pads can be strapped on next. Your elbow pads should cover the bicep portion of your arm, fully protecting your shoulders to your hands. 

Neck Guard: Neck guards are vital pieces of safety equipment that protect you from puck, hockey stick, and skate blade hits. Neck guards can be found in a collar or bib style. The size is also adjustable, so fasten it until it is comfortably snug.  

Gloves: Finally, your gloves can be pulled on. Your gloves should not overlap with your elbow pads, but also shouldn’t explore any skin. Make sure your gloves give you enough mobility to grab a stick but restrict motion a small amount to absorb the impact of a fall.