September 2021

How to Properly Fit a Hockey Helmet

Hockey is an all-intensive, full contact sport, which is why protection for the head is crucial. Check out our tips below for fitting a helmet perfectly to your head to keep yourself safe. 

Step 1

First, you need to determine the size of your head. To do this, wrap a soft tape measure just above your eyebrows around your head to get the circumference. Then check that number with the size range on the box of the helmet you’re considering to see if you need a large, medium, or small helmet.

Step 2

Using the adjustments, open the helmet to the largest setting. Use the adjustment mechanism on the size of the helmet to help you open it to the largest size possible. 

Step 3

Place the helmet on your head. Make sure the rim is sitting approximately one finger width above your eyebrows and the occipital lock is sitting directly on the occipital bone near the back of your head. 

Step 4

Using either a tool, or depending on the helmet, the tool-free adjustment, tighten the helmet until it is secure and snug but still fits comfortably. 

Step 5

Try fitting the mask and chin strap as well for a test fit. To do this, fasten both straps. Both straps should fit comfortably, with space to put a finger underneath it. 

Step 6

Now that the helmet is properly on your head, check its overall fit. Shake your head from side to side and up and down, in yes and no motions. The helmet should not move independently and should stay snug on your head. 

Step 7

Make note of your helmet’s replacement date. Make sure you are keeping an eye out for anything that could compromise the integrity of the helmet, including cracks on the surface that may occur with impact. Each helmet also comes with a sticker recommending an expiry date. Though this expiry date is not mandated by the Canadian Safety Standard, you can still use it as a guideline.