October 2021

How to Know When It’s Time to Sharpen your Skates 

Sharp skates are essential to peak skating performance. Dull blades will directly affect your performance on the ice. Here’s how to know if it’s time to have them sharpened. 

Step 1: If you’ve lost control on the ice

If you are noticing your response from your skates isn’t as sharp, you can’t reach your normal skating speed, or you’re sliding all over the ice, it’s more than likely your skates need a sharpening.

Step 2: If you’ve been skating on an outdoor rink

Skating on outdoor rinks, ponds, or cancels can significantly dull your skates. Uneven snow and ice on your blades can wear down your edges, so, take time to have them sharpened before you head back into your local indoor rink. 

Step 3: You are skating regularly 

To keep your skates in perfect condition, you’ll want to have them sharpened after around six trips to the rink. Always sharpen your skates often if you are skating for long periods at a time. 

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