Summer 2021

How to Increase your Warmth when Camping

Nothing ruins a summer biking trip faster than a flat tire. Luckily, replacing a bike tire tube is easier than you think. Check out the tips from our experts below to replace your tire and get you back on your summer adventure.


☐ Mummy Sleeping Bag
☐ Water Bottle
☐ Dry Clothes
☐ Filling Foods
☐ Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner
☐ Toque
☐ Warm Water

✖ DO NOT go to bed in the same clothes you wore during the day

During the day, your clothes have collected your sweet. As a result, you will want to make sure you change into your dry clothing before bed.

✔ DO be sure to eat a big meal before calling it a night

High calorie and fatty foods can provide heat for your body throughout the night.

✔ DO fill a water bottle with warm water and place it at the bottom of your sleeping bag.

Ensure your sleeping bag has proper insulation by buying a mummy sleeping back and liner.

✔ DO Wear a toque and add additional layers

Keep your body warm by adding a hat and draping an extra coat over your sleeping bag. Pile on more blankets, clothes, and socks for even more warmth. 

✔ DO breathe outside of your sleeping bag

Even though it may feel like you’re warming yourself up by breathing into your sleeping bag, your breath creates moisture, which in turn can make you feel even colder. Always keep your mouth outside your sleeping bag.