Summer 2021

How to Have the Ultimate Summer Picnic

Dining al fresco is the one of the best ways to enjoy the summer season. Slice up the watermelon, find the frisbee, and check out our list below for our guide to the ultimate Summer picnic.


☐ Cooler
☐ Blankets
☐ Portable chairs
☐ Ice packs
☐ Sports equipment 
☐ Umbrella or portable shelter
☐ Tablecloth with clamps

✔ Keep Food Stored Safely

After making delicious food for your picnic, pack it up in sturdy containers and use coolers with plenty of ice packs for any perishable food items and to keep beverages chilled. Choose coolers that are portable, either with carrying straps for easy transport or on wheels. 

✔ Create a Comfortable Spot

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, make it comfortable for your group by laying out blankets and setting up umbrellas or portable shelters to provide shade. Add additional comfort by laying out convenient portable chairs – look for kid’s chairs that lock into place which prevent collapsing, for peace of mind. 

✔ Set up your Space

If you’re using a portable or picnic table, cover it with a tablecloth for easy clean up. Always add clamps to stop it and everything on it from blowing away. 

✔ Add activities

Add some fun to your event by bringing along a soccer ball, a baseball and glove, or a badminton set to play with!