Summer 2021

How to Get the Family Fishing this Summer

Whether your entire family is going fishing for the first time or you’re all seasoned anglers, here’s the gear you need to get your family ready.


Fishing license: All recreational fishing in Canada requires a license, so check the rules and regulations of your province. Kids under 18 may not need to be licensed, but it’s always best to do some research in advance before heading out on your fishing adventure.

Rod and reel: Make sure you have a rod and reel for each family member fishing. A spin cast combination is easy to use and economically priced, making it ideal for novice anglers.

Tackle: Get your tackle ready to go. To put together your tackle kit, you’ll need some bobbers and hooks; which help indicate when you’ve got a bite on your line; spoons, which attract fish when light glints off the surface; and some bait.

Tackle box: You’ll also probably want a tackle box to help organize yourself while out fishing.

A net: A net will help you scoop fish out of the water. Look for one that has a moderately generous basket and some length on the handle.

Pliers: A pair of fishing pliers will help you remove the hook from your catch

Gloves: a pair of gloves will protect your hands when you’re baiting your hook or handling fish. 

Chain stringer: To keep your catch fresh while you continue to fish, a chain stringer will also be helpful. 

Filet knife: When it’s time to enjoy the fish you’ve caught, have a filet knife handy to prepare it for cooking.