Summer 2021

How to Get Ready for Camping Season

Dreaming of roasting marshmallows around your own campfire or exploring your favourite provincial park this summer? With the right gear, your dreams can become a reality. Check out our guide below from the experts to get everything you need this summer to be camping season ready.

What You'll Need

Sleeping Pad
Cook set
Dishes and cutlery
Folding chairs
First aid kit
Camping stove

Sleeping bag
Air mattress
Coolers and ice packs
Lanterns, flashlights, or headlamps
Hiking shoes
Clothespins and laundry line
Insect repellent
Water Resistant Jacket

✔ Choose a Tent

Look for a tent that will comfortably fit your group and your gear. It’s best to get one tent size larger than you think you need so that you have extra room to relax and move around. Don’t forget to include a mallet for your tent pegs and look for a mallet with a claw to pull out your pegs when it’s time to pack up and journey home.

✔ Set up Accommodations

Choose a sleeping bag that is temperature-appropriate for the season you are camping in. Pair it with a sleeping pad, air mattress, or a cot to provide insulation from the ground. 

✔ Bring a Firestarter

Bring a Firestarter with you to get things started quickly and efficiently. Unless you’re skilled at building roaring campfires, it’s best to give yourself a head start.

✔ Set up your Kitchen

Make sure you have everything you need to stay well fed. A cook set is a great first step, along with a camp stove and necessary fuel. Food safety is also important, so bring your perishable food coolers with lots of ice packs Don’t forget to also pack unbreakable dishes, cutlery and everything you’ll need to wash them at the end of meals. Be sure to also pack plenty of drinking water.

✔ Bring a Light

Moonlight and campfires are fun but can be unpredictable at times. Be sure to pack lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps on hand, so you can still be functional and safe after the sun goes down.

✔ Prepare for your Adventures

You’ll probably want to explore the area beyond your campsite, so bring a sturdy backpack and some comfy hiking shoes for day trips and hiking excursions.

✔ Get comfortable

While they may seem unnecessary when roughing it, folding chairs will give you an integral level of comfort, whether you’re sitting around telling campfire stories or eating a meal.

✔ Be Safe and Smart

Pack some clothespins and a laundry line: You never now when you’ll need to hang wet bathing suits from a dip in the lake or gear from an unexpected downpour. Also pack a well-stocked first-aid kit, insect repellent and lots of sunscreen.

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