Summer 2021

How to Clean and Prepare a Fish

Caught a fish for dinner but don’t know how to clean it? Don’t worry – we’re here to show you how to prepare your dinner in the great outdoors.


☐ Scaling Knife
☐ Water

Step 1

Keep your fish wet and cool until it is ready to be prepared. 

Step 2

With your scaling knife, firmly hold the fish and scrape off the scales on both sides. Start at the tail and move towards the gills, being careful not to push too hard.

Step 3

Gut the fish by gently inserting a knife into the small hole located above the tail fin – only breaking the skin and cut towards the head. 

Step 4

Pull out the internal organs of the fish with your fingers. Make sure you scrape and rinse the fish until all the insides and the blood has been removed. 

Step 5

Repeat this process for all the fish you have caught.