Summer 2021

How to Choose the Right Bike Rack 

Confidently and safely transporting bicycles is an essential to any summer adventure. Check out the tips below from our experts on choosing a bike rack that works for you and your vehicle. 


Single mast hitch racks: Single mast hitch racks are designed to carry and secure the bike using its frame. They also require a hitch receiver attached to your vehicle .

Hanging two-arm hitch racks: two-arm hitch racks are designed to secure and carry the bike using its frame. The two-arm hitch requires a hitch receiver attached to your vehicle. 

Hitch racks with wheel trays: Hitch racks with wheel trays support the entire weight of the bikes for additional stability during travel. They also require a hitch receiver attached to your vehicle. 

Roof carriers: Roof carriers can be made available in two styles: wheel off or wheel on. Roof carriers do not obstruct any visibility from your vehicle but require a roof rack with cross bars installed.

Universal trunk mounted racks: trunk mounted racks are anchored on to the body of your vehicle with a strap system. If you do not want to add extra equipment to your vehicle, this is the best option. 


Lots of bikes: Hitch racks will take the most weight, with some holding up to five bikes on your vehicle, making them a great option for an entire family. Make sure you check the capacity or tongue weight of your hitch before attaching any bikes to your rack.

A few bikes: Universal trunk mounted racks can typically hold up to three bikes.

One or two bikes: Roof racks are designed to hold one bike at a time, although you can install two of them doubling your capacity. 


Anti-sway: For racks that suspend bikes like a truck-mounted rack or hitch, look for an anti-sway feature, which helps for added stability during transit.

Swing-away: To access your trunk with your bike rack fully loaded, look for a hitch rack with a swing-away

Locks: For added protection, some roof racks and hitches come with built-in locks, so you can comfortably leave your car with your bikes mounted on your journey. 

Tilt-away: A tilt-away feature allows you to leave a hitch-mounted rank attached to your vehicle, but still allows access to your drunk when there are no bikes on your rack.