Summer 2021

How to Choose the Right Bike for You

A bicycle is a great investment in your summer adventures. Whether you’re just a casual rider or you take cycling seriously, finding the right bike can be a difficult task. Check out our tips below from the experts on choosing the right bike to get you out on the trails this Summer.


Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are for off-road enthusiasts and trail riders. These bikes feature a front suspension fork to absorb the bumps and terrain and wide knobby tires to grip the trail surface.

Road Bikes: If you want to break a sweat and ride a long distance on paved surfaces, you will need a road bike. The wide-range gearing, lightweight frames and narrow frames work perfectly for fitness enthusiasts. They put you in a more aerodynamic position, allowing you to go further distances at a time. 

Comfort Bikes: Comfort bikes are designed with an upright riding position, wide tires and a larger saddle to keep you comfortable on the go. These bikes are ideal for recreational riders who travel on paved paths and roads. They also pay close attention to design and style, making them some of the most beautiful bikes on the road  

Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes are the most popular style of bike. They combine the efficiency of a road bike with the strength and comfort of a mountain bike. Narrow wheels with a large circumference provide maximum riding efficiency with ample resistance, ideal for road and paved pathways. If you want to start towing your kids in a bike trailer, commuting by bike, or just like to lead an active lifestyle, hybrid bikes are your best choice.

Dual-Suspension bikes: Dual-suspension bikes are ideal for riding aggressive trails and descents. They are designed with front and rear suspension to soften the impact of rough terrain to give you better control on the trail.


Coaster Brakes: Coaster brakes are typically found on kids’ and many cruiser-style bikes. The brake mechanism is activated simply by pedaling backwards.

Rim Brakes: Rim brakes feature pads that grip onto the wheel rim. They are economical and convenient – the brake pads can be replaced when they wear down.

Disc Brakes: Disc brakes grip onto a rotor mounted to the wheel hub. They offer superior performance in all conditions, including mud, water, and snow and are found on top-tier mountain bikes.


Frame Material: Bike frames are typically made of aluminum or steel. Steel offers an economical and strong solution for a comfortable, smooth ride. Aluminum frames are lighter and usually more expensive. 

Gears: Bikes range from a single-speed to 24-speed. The more speeds on a bike, the wider your riding options over different terrains. Depending on how you ride, more is not always better. More speeds add maintenance and weight, so if you will be riding mostly flat terrain, opt for fewer gears. 

Suspension: Suspension systems help make riding more comfortable, allowing the wheels to respond to changes in terrain by moving up and down.