Summer 2021

How to Choose the Best Basketball Hoop for You

When it comes to shooting hoops, there are lots of options to choose from. Check out our tips from the experts on finding the right hoop for you and your basketball needs this Summer. 

Use: Where will you be using your basketball hoop?

Before you start browsing the basketball hoops available, you should consider how much space you have and if you have something to attach your basketball hoop to. You will also need to decide if you want your hoop to have an adjustable height. Figuring out these questions will help you choose the best basketball hoop for your needs.


Wall-Mount/Combination Systems: Combination hoop systems include a backboard, rim, and net. Mounting kids can be purchased separately if they are not included in the kit you purchase. Combination systems can be secured to an existing system, wall, pole, or roof for sturdiness and optimization. However, the height of a combination system cannot be adjusted once mounted. 

Portable Basketball Systems: Set up as a stand-alone unit, a portable hoop system includes a base which needs to be filled with sand or water for stability, a backboard, pole, rim, and net. Portable systems can be conveniently moved for storage, and the height is adjustable for optimal play.

In-Ground Basketball Systems: In-ground systems are great as they tend to be much more stable then portable systems as they are installed directly into the ground. While they are more stable, they are also more difficult to install as they require a concrete base and are not ideal if you plan on moving often.


Acrylic Backboard: Acrylic Backboards are ideal for competitive play. They are more durable and offer a better rebound of the basketball

Polycarbonate Backboard: Ideal for recreational play, polycarbonate backboards are durable, but do not provide a tough rebound bounce like acrylic backboards. 

Tempered Glass Backboard: This is the material used at the professional level and will provide the best performance as they provide the same bounce and spin that you’ll find at a gym. Keep in mind that tempered glass is not as durable as polycarbonate and acrylic and will be susceptible to damage.

Hoop Height

Infinite Adjustment: Infinite adjustments allow the hoop system to be moved to any height between 7.5 and 10 feet

Adjustable: The height of an adjustable hoop system can be moved to any predetermined increment of 4 to 6 inches.