September 2021

How to Choose Recreational Skates

If you are looking for a new pair of recreational skates, hockey and figure skates are not your only option! Check out our tips below on how to find the perfect recreational skates:


Recreational skates fit less like traditional stiff skate boots and more like sneakers. While they still offer great ankle support, they fit more comfortably than hockey and figure skates (or other skates used for high performance sports). 


Recreational skates are made with special material designed to keep your feet toasty warm to eliminate the feeling of cold toes on the ice. 

Easy Lacing

Recreational skates are designed for quick lacing, making use of Velcro or simple latches. Gone are days of endlessly winding laces through eyes and hooks!


Recreational skates are designed for easy skating rather than jumps and tricks. This means you can skate comfortably and leisurely. 


Recreational skates allow you to skate in style! These skates come in a variety of styles and colours for the whole family.