September 2021

How to Choose a Hockey Stick

The perfect hockey stick can take your performance to the next level. Check out our tips from the experts below on finding the perfect hockey stick for you.

Left or Right?

The first step to finding your perfect stick is determining whether you need a left-handed or right-handed stick. For this, it is all about what hand feels most comfortable on top when you grip your stick. If it’s your left hand, you need a right-handed stick. If it’s your right, you need a left-handed stick.

Choosing a stick length

To find the best stick length, hold the stick so the tip touches the floor in front of you. If you are wearing shoes, the stick should come up to a height between your chin and nose, so that when you wear hockey skates it will be just under your chin.

Determine flex

Don’t forget to also consider flex, which is the amount the stick will bend while playing. Flex can be determined by many factors, such as how much you weigh, with the rule of thumb being that flex should equal approximately half of your weight. Therefore, if your weight increases, your flex should as well.

If you need to, cut the stick

If you need to cut the stick based on your preference, or for your height, remember that the flex of the stick will also change.