Summer 2021

How to Choose a Fishing Rod

When you use the right fishing rod, you have the best chance of a successful fishing trip. Check out the tips from our experts below to choose the perfect fishing rod for your experience level. 


Fibreglass: Fibreglass rods are heavier but provide a great value and are very durable. They are ideal for beginners but can handle larger fish. 

Composite: Most anglers will use glass fibre or graphite composite rods. They are lighter than fiberglass and more affordable and durable than pure graphite rods.

Graphite: Well-seasoned fishers may prefer a graphite rod for its superior lightness and strength. They give the angler more fighting power and can handle most fishing situations. 


5’6” to 6’: Short rods are good for new fishers and children. They are easier to control and have shorter casts, which helps to develop technique.

6’ to 7’: Medium length rods work well for people fishing at an intermediate level. They allow you to have more control and do longer casts at a time. 

6’6” to 8’: The most experienced angler will prefer a longer rod. These are better for use in open areas. They also have longer casts and can handle bigger bait to attract larger fish. 


Fast Action: Fast Action rods bend mostly near the tip. They detect subtle strikes when jigging and are ideal for surface lures. 

Medium Action: The front half of medium action rods bend, which makes them perfect for live fish baiting. 

Slow Action: Slow Action rods are the most flexible, bending over the entire length. They are ideal for absorbing pressure when fighting a big fish.