October 2021

How to Care for Your Ice Skates

As the colder days roll in, now is the perfect time to get on the ice. But what would be the point without taking the proper measures to make your skates last all season long? Here are five simple steps to care for your ice skates:

1. Wipe away ice and water after each skating session.

2. Put on skate guards, plastic protectors, going to and from ice.

3. Store between sessions without skate guards, preferably with soft cloth “soakers” to prevent rust and absorb condensation.

4. Let skates dry out overnight removed from skate bag. 

5. Sharpen regularly
a. Beginners – Every 25-30 hours on ice.
b. Novice’s – At least every two months.
c. Elite – Varies, from weeks to months.

Now you’re ready to hit the ice! Enjoy it, live the moment and let the focus be on the fun of the experience! 

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