August 2021

Everything you Need for a Backyard Camping Extravaganza

More time spent at home means time to seize the everyday and rediscover the joys of your own space. Canadian Tire and Yahoo Canada are proud to help Canadians get there. We’re bringing you everything you need for the season, from at-home camping essentials to the coolest backyard must-haves.

Summertime in Canada wouldn’t be complete without camping.

 This summer may be different than years past, but more time spent in and around your own home means more time to enjoy and enhance your space — whether that’s through DIY updates to your fence and patio or turning your backyard into your own personal oasis.

 It’s also a perfect time to take advantage of extra time spent around those closest to you, taking advantage of your own outdoor space and create lasting memories that your family will treasure for years to come.

 Backyard camping offers the best of both worlds, letting families enjoy the great outdoors along with all the comforts of home — and of course, adhering to current social distancing guidelines.

 Among the many benefits to camping in the backyard (easy access to bathrooms and snacks, WiFi), there’s also the time saved driving to and from your campsite. Although the sights and sounds at home may differ, the experience is just as memorable for kids of all ages.

 If you’re planning your own backyard campout this season, Canadian Tire has your back. While you may not be able to get out to your favourite campground, we’ve rounded up the ways to turn your backyard into the next best thing.

Set The Stage and Create Your 'Campground'                                        

One of the best parts about turning your yard into a camping space is you can still utilize some of the luxuries you might not be able to at a campground. What’s ever better is you can use some of those luxuries to cheat a true outdoorsy vibe. City lights can dim the natural nighttime sky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a little twinkle too. String up a set of outdoor lights, like these ones from CANVAS, and your outdoor space will sparkle during your backyard camping trip and beyond.

Next, it’s time to set up your space. While your home may only be feet away, setting up a “campground” will make the backyard camping experience feel like a true overnight camping trip — try to make sure you have everything you need to avoid running into the house unless you really need to! You can’t set up a campsite without a tent, and this one from Woods is large enough for the whole family with space for up to six people. This tent offers waterproof coverage and a quick-clip system with fast-foot connectors for easy setup and take-down.

After pitching a tent, the next thing you’ll want to set up are the sleeping bags to make sure you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. Ideal for summer temperatures across the country, this sleeping bag is made with ThermoTech insulation to keep you warm between 4°C and 15°C.

 And of course, you’ll need to make sure you have somewhere comfy to relax with your family, whether it’s around the campfire or while swapping stories about your best summer memories. This two-in-one folding director’s chair from Woods comes complete with a retractable side table that has a built-in cup holder as well as room to store your snacks.

Now... Make Some Memories!

Once you have your campsite set up, now comes the best part of camping: the fun! There are plenty of backyard-approved activities you can still do, from fun games to ghost stories - and of course, S’mores!

Depending on local bylaws, check to see whether the comforting scents of a bonfire are allowed in your backyard. If you’re not able to start a fire to roast Smores and hotdogs at home, we recommend a portable charcoal BBQ like this one from MASTER Chef, to cook up your favourite tasty treats safely.

Once you’ve got your roaring campfire (or grill!) going, it’s time for treats. Whether you’re a fan of roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or corn, these extra-long camp forks are up to the task. 

If ghost stories are more your idea of nighttime fun, this collapsible lantern offers a functional way to bring a spooky atmosphere to your backyard. With a five hour run time and rechargeable powerbank, it’s a great choice for camping at home as well as preventing any trips or stumbles if you have to head back into the house for a forgotten package of graham crackers or a bathroom break.

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